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From seed to supper, Food Moxie educates and inspires people to grow, prepare, and eat healthy food.

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FARM CLUB: Located at FOOD MOXIE’s Hope Farm, Farm Club provides high school learners at Martin Luther King High School affected by autism and intellectual disabilities with lessons on growing and cooking healthy food while focusing on sensory learning and development, and practice of life skills.
GARDEN CLUB, HOPE KITCHEN: Taking place at Hope Garden, a 1⁄2-acre farmette behind Stenton Family Manor, one of the largest emergency housing facilities in Philadelphia, Garden Club is a year-round program for children age 5-17 years-old at Stenton. Hope Kitchen is a foundational cooking series that integrates practical and healthy tips to support the needs of busy families on a limited budget.
LAND LAB: At the largest urban agricultural high school in the country, FOOD MOXIE gets students at Saul Agricultural High School away from their desks and into the dirt, utilizing a land-to-table curriculum.

FOOD DISTRIBUTION: Across our programs and sites we support redistribution of fresh produce back into the community; where the food goes is determined by our program partners, participants, and staff in partnership with other mutual aid organizations

FOOD MOXIE is the largest and most innovative organization directly addressing the intersecting issues of poverty, food access and education, and building healthy communities in Northwest Philadelphia. Founded in 2007 by Weavers Way Co-op, we connect people to the earth and their food, as well as to themselves and one another, through partnerships with schools and place-based organizations.