Youth Leadership Development at Walter B. Saul High School

Youth Leadership Development at Walter B. Saul High School takes place in collaboration with Saul High School and the Weavers Way Farm/Henry Got Crops CSA, which serves as an outdoor classroom and land lab. The farm is the setting for hands‐on experiential learning related to small-scale urban farm production, as well as how to prepare and enjoy nutritious food. Each year, FOOD MOXIE works with over 300 Saul students—and their teachers—to connect classroom learning to real-life application. The program has expanded to include paid summer internships and an out-of-school time (OST) component that promote youth leadership, life skills, and professional development through community‐based projects related to small‐scale urban agriculture, health, and nutrition. Students learn to grow, cook, and eat fresh foods, while also becoming community leaders in promoting healthy lifestyles, and a just and sustainable food system.